Individual Pychotherapy
I provide both short and long-term psychotherapy to individuals, tailoring treatment to fit each person’s specific needs. I work with a wide variety of problems including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Life transitions, including Divorce and Aging
  • Grief and Loss
  • Personality Disorders
  • Bi-polar Disorder
  • Stress
Couple Therapy
I provide therapy to couples who are struggling with relationship conflicts. My emphasis is on understanding each person’s emotional needs and point of view as a way of helping the couple establish a safe and secure attachment in which trust, intimacy and emotional fulfillment can grow.
Family Therapy
I work with parents who need support and guidance through difficult family conflicts and transitions. I have a particular interest in working with families in which one or more members suffers from a serious mental illness such as Bi-polar Disorder or Schizophrenia.
Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Contemporary Psychoanalysis provides both interpretation and emotional connection. Working collaboratively with the patient, the analyst offers emotional understanding specific to the needs of the patient. For people interested in knowing themselves deeply and bringing into awareness the previously unexamined principles by which they function, Contemporary Psychoanalysis can be transformative because it offers a safe relational home for trying out new, more functional ways of being.

All of the psychotherapy I do is informed by Contemporary Psychoanalytic principles. However, the experience of intensive Contemporary Psychoanalysis, requiring, as it does, a commitment to more frequent sessions, can be uniquely valuable.

Group Therapy
I have extensive training in group psychotherapy and enjoy offering this service as a way of helping people understand themselves in relationship to others, to practice new interpersonal skills, and to find support and understanding from other group members with similar experiences.

For licensed and pre-licensed professionals I offer both individual and group supervision.

I also facilitate the ICP San Diego Saturday Series, which meets for four hours one Saturday a month during the school year. All classes are taught by ICP (Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis) psychoanalysts and upper level candidates who have extensive experience in contemporary psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy.

If you are a licensed or pre-licensed professional and would like a brochure of our current series, please call me at 858-587-1095 or send an email via the contact page on this site.